Various stories, chats, and roleplays in this wiki exist in universes with no in-universe frame of refernce for dating events. As such, events will be dated using the current year at the beginning of the roleplay for reference. The established dating conventions are as follows: 

Pseudo Simplicity in The Motley Expanse

BPS - Before the beginning of Psuedo Simplicity in the Motley expanse. For example: "27 BPS" represents the year 27 years prior to the beginning of the chat. 

DPS - During the events of PSitME. For example: "1 DPS" represents the first IC year of PSitME. 

APS - After PSitME  

AOV - in reference to the age of Vale.  

Reference Dates, Etc.

Vale is assumed to have been created around 600 BPS.

Hannah was born around 520 BPS.

DPS begins when Vela is transformed into a gem.

The first Season of PSitME supposedly lasts from 1 to 3 years.

The second Season of PSitME begins at ~20 DPS.

PSitME ends after Nexus is defeated.

Interstellar Academia

BIA - Before Interstellar Academia 

DIA - During Interstellar Academia 

AIA - After Interstellar Academia 


BPB - Before Pointblank. 

DPB - During Pointblank. 

EPB - During the End of Pointblank 


BTRF - Before Tarafiction.

DTRF - During Tarafiction.



A.D. IRL - Used for real life dates. 

~/c./Circa/Around/Approx - used for approximate dates.