A list of all the cards in THORN's tarot deck as well as their meanings for both personality and prophetic readings.

All Tarot Cards
Name Picture Associated Character Meaning Associated Symbol Card No.
The Drunk Rubbing Alcohol Danaris Essentiae Complete adorableness and idiocy. Something odd and dangerous will happen soon.
The Aether The Aether Adam Wisdom and mysticism.

Something divine will happen.

Green Spiral 1


Val's Gem Valentia Responsibility.

Something quotable will happen.

Elder Historian Thorn's mask Thorn Fighting spirit. Quick to action.

A war of some kind is coming.

Þ 3
The Books Libras Libras Careful not to give away too much.

Something from a long time ago will happen again.

L 4
The Okubi Okubi Zulu Evil in the purest sense.

An end is coming.

O 5
The Locks Dwight Bobblehead surrounded with Psyche Locks. Dark Eronim Many hidden secrets.

A barrier will be broken with dark consequence.

[]⊃ 6
End Credits Theta's Book None Never leaves something unfinished.

Something amazing will conclude.

Peacekeeper Lv. 1 Overseer Generic Overseer Keeps all in order.

Chaos will end temporarily.

0-9 8
Alpeh Project Aleph Integer Hidden away with knowledge.

Something will rise from the ashes.



Tender Bill Ax's Current Axiom Thrifty.

A large sum will be involved.

¤ 10