The Technon orbit is an orbital ring including three planets. The official languages of the orbit are Atidi-Shémi and Zukunftsdeutsch.

Planet Aleph: Karmac [א]

Karmac is the most advanced planet in the Technon orbit. It has very few humans, and is the pioneer of many types of new technology. The main language spoken on Karmac by the biological beings is Zukunftsdeutch.


Akkrolz is the capitol city of the planet Karmac, and the home of wealthy ruling class of humans.

Planet Beth: Eronym [ב]

Planet Beth is a smaller almost equally advanced planet. Its funds go mainly toward biomechanical research. It is home to the Harben Association of Neurological Networking and Applied Hacking, or HANNAH, the company that created T.H.O.R.N. As it is mostly robots, no spoken language is necessary, but both Atidi-Shémi and Zukunftsdeutch are fairly popular.

Planet Gimel: Axiomioa [ג]

Axiomioa is the largest but least populated of all the Technon planets. It became heavily polluted, and as such abandoned by almost all humans. Many old and discarded robots find refuge on Axiomioa. The only language spoken is Atidi-Shémi.

Names in other Languages:

Technon (English) - Techknön (Zukunftsdeutch) - Tekknon (Atidi-Shémi)

Karmac (English) - Karrmak (Zukunftsdeutch) - Karmmak (Atidi-Shémi)

Eronym (English) - Erönyhm (Zukunftsdeutch) - Ieroniim (Atidi-Shémi)

Axiomioa (English) - Akkschiamiöa (Zukunftsdeutch) - Aksiomioai (Atidi-Shémi)